Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Stars!!

Hi everyone, I haven't posted anything in a while. It's not because I haven't been sewing. I have a few projects completed that I can't show you until later because they are gifts. But I will share with you the stars I've been making for my Hexagon Star quilt. I made 62 stars up to date. I need 255. That's pretty good. I have to cut more pieces. I've sew everything I had pre-cut. As you can see, this will be a very colorful quilt. I love that. I like to mix all the colors. I love all the fabrics and it allows me to have a piece of all the fabrics I love in one quilt. This is just the beginning. I still have 193 stars to make. WOW!!! That seems like an insurmountable amount. Considering I still have to put the white borders around each. Well, I'm having fun doing it. I know that I will finish it, because I just love the process. I have to do some housework today. So, I have to go. I hope everyone has a great day.
Happy Stitching!!
Ariane :o)

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Jennifer Lim said...

Hi Ariane, so sorry for the late thank you for the fat quarter through Sew Mama Sew. My eyes linger on it everytime I see it ( which is a lot during the day). That was so kind of you to include the ric rac and extra pieces of fabric - love them. Can't wait to make something really sweet with it. jennL