Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm done.....

Today, I quilted and bound my A+ quilt.
I'm so glad I got this quilt done and that it didn't finish in my UFO pile.
All the fabric, except for 1 fat quarter came from my stash.
Here it is.

A closer view....

And the back....

I hope you like it!!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

My A+ quilt top is done....

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well.
I've been busy working, driving the kids all over town,
doing housework...
I think you get my point.
I've been busy.

Tonight, I finally put my A+ blocks together.
I did replace the two blocks I didn't like, and made two new ones.
Here's the finished quilt top.
I decided not to put borders on it.
It will make a cozy lap quilt.
The size is 48" X 54".


All the fabrics are Art Gallery Fabrics from various collections.
If you want to make these blocks the tutorial is here.

I hope you like it!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My A+ block and Mr. Seam Ripper!!

So, no one told me that I had blocks set the wrong way in my post yesterday.
You see, I did my tutorial for the A+ block,
but I had two blocks that the "A" blocks were going the wrong way.
Every one was so nice, and didn't tell me.
But I figured it out.
So, out came Mr. Seam Ripper.
Now, they are all fixed.

I got my 12 blocks done.
But I won't have time to sew them all together.

There are 2 blocks that I'm a bit unsure of.
They don't seem to belong.
They are the one in the left bottom corner and it's partner 2nd row, 3rd to the right.
They might end up on the back of the quilt.
I may make 2 new ones.
What do you think?

I have a meeting to go to tonight.
So, that's all for now.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My A+ block, a tutorial

Hi everyone,

Today, I decided to cut into my stash of Art Gallery fabrics and make a quilt.
I designed this really simple block.
I call it the "A+ block".

Here is what it looks like.
The blocks below are the first 5 blocks I made.

This is a 16.5 inch block.

Do you want to know how to make it?
It's really simple.

You need 2 fat quarters to make 2 blocks.

Cut your fat quarters into 2.5 inch strips.
I cut my strips along the selvage.

You will need to cut your strips as shown in the photo below.

Sew the 4 centre strips together using a 1/4 inch seam.
Iron seams in same direction.

Then sew the two 8.5 inch strips to both sides.
You should end up with the block shown in the photo below.

See, it looks like an "A".

Now, make 4 of these "A" blocks.
Once you have the four "A" blocks done, arrange them as shown below.
Sew these 4 blocks together.

Your finished block should look like this.
You should have enough strips left over from your fat quarters,
 to make another block reversing the dark and light fabric.

I got the two blocks below using 2 fat quarters.
Edited to add: Be very careful on how you set your A blocks,
otherwise you will end up with your blocks going the wrong way.
See below, I know I did it the wrong way. UGHHHH!!!!!

Now, I've got it right!!!

Easy, eh!!!

I have 6 blocks done.
I want to make 12 blocks.
That should give me a nice size lap quilt.
I will be adding borders too. 
But I still have to figure that out.

I hope you like the tutorial.


Friday, April 13, 2012

A curtain....

Today, I had to get my sewing machine out.
I decided to use some fabric from my stash to make a curtain.
I had these old horizontal blinds on this window and they looked horrible.
I didn't have money to spend on these.
So, I just cut the blinds off the square rod thing that holds them up,
and used that as my rod.
I barely had enough fabric to make this, but I like the way it turned out.
I cut up some charm squares into 2.5 inch squares and added a line of patchwork to it.
It not designer quality, but it's much better then what I had.
Now I have to make another one for my other kitchen window.

I have my parents coming for a visit this weekend.
So, I don't know how much sewing I'll get done.
Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We are renovating.....

our basement!!

Which means.... I had to pack all my fabric...
all my sewing stuff....
and store it in the crawl space.


Another sad view....

I had all this anxiety about packing my stuff away.
I had to remind myself that I will benefit from this in the long run.

You see, we have a side split house and only half a basement.
Half the house has a crawl space...full of my fabric!!!
(Well, not full.....LOL!!)
Our boys shared a room for a long time.
But as they became teenagers, this arrangement wasn't working any more.
So, we are converting our family room into two bedrooms.
One for each of the boys.
That leaves a bedroom empty upstairs.
That room will become my very own sewing room.

It means a lot of changes.
We had a sitting room on the main floor, that we didn't really use.
We only have one TV in the house and it was in the basement.
So, now the TV will be moving upstairs, to the main floor.
We will need to buy better furniture for the living room to meet our needs.
But, we will just work with what we have for now.

In the mean time, I will work on a little bit of hand sewing.
I'm actually doing applique.
I'm only doing one block of the Florabunda pattern by Erin Russek.
She blogs at One Piece at a Time.
I've been admiring her appliqued quilts for a long time.
She has great tutorials on her technique.
So, I decided to try it out with the one block.
I love doing the applique this way.
But, I'm a piecer!!!!
One block is enough for me!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Shabby Roses Quilt is done!!!

Well, this quilt has been in the making for a while.

I started making the blocks in August 2009,
and finally finished it yesterday April 4th, 2012.

The blocks were designed by Jenny of Elephantz.
It was originally a free BOM.
It's no longer available for free, but you can purchase it on her website.

I changed the setting of the blocks.
I wanted a different look then the one Jenny had designed.

My quilt is 43 inches wide by 40 inches long.
All the blocks are hand embroidered and hand appliqued.
I used fusible web to applique my shapes.
The quilt was machine quilted by me.
I used my old Kenmore sewing machine to quilt it. 
The binding is all done by machine.

I washed it yesterday and now it is so soft and crinkly.
Just the way I love it.
I put a sleeve on the back, so now it is ready to hang.

I'm keeping this one.
I've had a few requested or hints from a few people who wanted it.
But, this one is all mine.
I just love it!!!

I hope you like it too.

Since I have to work all weekend,
I will wish you all a very Happy Easter!!!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shabby Roses quilt almost done!!!!

Hi everyone,

I know it's been a while since I blogged.
March was a rough month for me.
I was extremely busy.
Then, I started getting so tired, then just plain worn out!!
I didn't do a lot of sewing.
I was having a hard time sleeping and just didn't feel well at all.

But, it's a new month.
It should be better, since I have a week off coming after Easter.
I do work all of Easter weekend. :(

Today, I got some energy and finished quilting my Shabby Roses Quilt.
I've had this top done since July 2010.
It's about time I get this finished.
I just need to put the binding on and I'm done.
Here it is.

And a close up of the quilting.....

This pattern was a free block of the month provided by Jenny of Elephantz.
I just love it!!
I hope you like it too.