Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My A+ block, a tutorial

Hi everyone,

Today, I decided to cut into my stash of Art Gallery fabrics and make a quilt.
I designed this really simple block.
I call it the "A+ block".

Here is what it looks like.
The blocks below are the first 5 blocks I made.

This is a 16.5 inch block.

Do you want to know how to make it?
It's really simple.

You need 2 fat quarters to make 2 blocks.

Cut your fat quarters into 2.5 inch strips.
I cut my strips along the selvage.

You will need to cut your strips as shown in the photo below.

Sew the 4 centre strips together using a 1/4 inch seam.
Iron seams in same direction.

Then sew the two 8.5 inch strips to both sides.
You should end up with the block shown in the photo below.

See, it looks like an "A".

Now, make 4 of these "A" blocks.
Once you have the four "A" blocks done, arrange them as shown below.
Sew these 4 blocks together.

Your finished block should look like this.
You should have enough strips left over from your fat quarters,
 to make another block reversing the dark and light fabric.

I got the two blocks below using 2 fat quarters.
Edited to add: Be very careful on how you set your A blocks,
otherwise you will end up with your blocks going the wrong way.
See below, I know I did it the wrong way. UGHHHH!!!!!

Now, I've got it right!!!

Easy, eh!!!

I have 6 blocks done.
I want to make 12 blocks.
That should give me a nice size lap quilt.
I will be adding borders too. 
But I still have to figure that out.

I hope you like the tutorial.



Impera_Magna said...

I like this block.... showcases the lovely fabrics... very nice!

sandra said...

Very cute and looks easy, I hope you will show finished quilt.

laurie in texas said...

Love the easy ones!! These are striking - very nice :)

Debbie DeBaeremaeker said...

Im going to bookmark this!!

I keep buying fat quarters and never do anything with them!

Michele Pacey said...

Really cool block Ariane! Simple but innovative!

retdairyqueen said...

Great tutorial and I live the colours you used

Dresden Quilter said...

The blocks look great!

Robin said...

Simple and awesome! Thanks so much for sharing how you did it. I just love the quilt you made from these blocks. Fabulous!