Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An update and a quilt top!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. 
My husband is still in a long term care bed. 
He will not be able to come home until the end of August or early September.
He had a serious pelvic and left hip injury.
His pelvic injury is not healing well.
He may need surgery again.
But we are hoping it doesn't come to that. 
He had a cast on his left wrist.
He had surgery on his wrist as well, but it is healing well and he had his cast removed last week. 
He still doesn't have full strength of it yet. 
But it's healing we'll.

We are all taking things one day at a time.
It's been hard, but we are surviving.

 My daughter made another quilt for a school project. 
This one was a group project.
The other kids helped with drawing up the blocks. 
Brittany sewed all the sashing around the blocks and sewed the blocks in rows. 
I helped by sewing the rows together and putting the borders on.
I took the picture with my IPhone so it's not the best.
I hope you like it!!