Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aqua outfit complete with appliqued top!!

Hi everyone!! I finished doing the appliqued top to match the skirt I made for my daughter the other day. I bought the plain white t-shirt at Walmart, then used light fusible web to adhere the appliques to the t-shirt. I then did a blanket stitch by hand around each applique and added a bit of embroidery to finish it off. I didn't feel comfortable using my sewing machine to do the blanket stitch. I really like the way it turned out. I love this little outfit. She is so happy with it. I just had tiny pieces left of the material from the skirt. I had bought three fat quarters and that's what I used to make the skirt. My daughter is a size 10. So I had just enough material to do this project. I bought everything on sale so this whole outfit cost me only $15.00 to make including the tax. Now that's a bargain. That doesn't include all the time I put in. But it was well worth it. Now she has a one of a kind cute outfit.
Today was a long day for me. My husband was really sick. I had to take him to the emergency room this morning. I spent all morning and afternoon there. It was long. But he is home now, and got medication and should be getting better in the next few days. He works too hard. He needs to take a break. I hope he really rests the next few days.
I brought my hand stitching with me to the hospital. I was able to make 6 stars for my hexagon quilt. I've made 95 stars for my hexagon star quilt. 40 of those stars have the white border around them. So, I'm doing really well with this top. I only have 160 stars left to make and 215 white border to put on the stars. The numbers are getting smaller. I'm getting there. Well, it's late and I have had a long day. So, goodbye for now.


sweetfunkyvintage said...

I love the outfit, especially the top - so pretty!

Jennifer Lim said...

Cute outfit. I do like the top too. Still haven't tried applique - looks a bit scary. Great job!