Thursday, March 19, 2009

I bought new fabric!!!

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I mentionned that I had bought some new fabric. I'm very excited about this. I'm going to try new things with this fabric and push my skills to new horizons. With these gorgeous aqua's I'm going to make a nice patchwork skirt for my daughter. I plan to have at least four of these fabrics in the skirt. Then I think I'm going to buy a plane matching T-shirt and do an applique on it, so that she has an outfit. With the pink fabrics, I'm going to make a dress out of it. I have 2 yards of pink that I had bought for another project and decided not to use it. So, I'm going to add these new fabrics to that and make a cute peasant style dress for her. Now, I don't have a pattern. But I have an idea of how I want it to look. So I'm going to start with the peasant blouse pattern and add to that. I will make my own pattern. Now that's a bit of a stretch for me since I've only ever made one other piece of clothing. But you know, I think I can do it. So, what the heck...I'm going for it. The rest of the fabric is going to be used for quilts. What ever I have left over from the two other sewing projects are also going to be used in bags or quilts. So, I'm very excited about all my new fabric. I'm going to have lots of fun using it. I hope everyone is well. I'm going to get going on some of these projects. So have a great day!!
Happy Stitching!!
Ariane :o)

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Joy said...

Ooooh, pretty!! I'm working with aquas and browns at the moment too, they look great!! Hopefully I'll have a piccy of the completed project very soon :o). The butterfly fabs are gorgeous too.
Joy :o)