Thursday, February 5, 2009

Preparing my pieces for sewing blocks

I've been cutting my fabric for the block swap I'm doing with my Mom and my sisters. I have to make 30 turnstile blocks for the swap. I have enough fabric cut to make 23 of those blocks. I haven't had the opportunity to do any sewing because of work, house work and the running around that needed to be done. So, none of them have been sewn. But, I think I'm doing really well. I like to be organized about how I'm going to get things accomplished with my busy schedule. So I thought that if I could do as much cutting as possible, then I could do some POWER SEWING. As in, so like crazy for one day and get them all done. I've done this before and it seems to work for me. As long as I don't make too many mistakes when I'm sewing, things should progress quickly. Well, I hope everyone is well.
Happy Stitching!

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