Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby quilt top done

This is my fourth post today and it's only 2 pm. I'm off work today, my husbands working and the kids are at school. It's my day to do what I want. Love those days. I worked on the baby quilt top that I had started the other day. It's really cute. I had bought two fat quarters with really cute prints. I just cut them into 9 - 6 inch squares and put a border around them. It gave me 18 squares, but I only needed 16. I'm going to make a bag to go with the quilt with the left over squares and material. I think it will be a nice gift. My cousin just had her third little boy. She now has three boys age 4 and under. So, I thought I would give her a nice new quilt for the baby. I hope to be all done soon so that I can mail it to her. I hope everyone is well.
Happy Stitching!

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