Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some great mail

I had ordered some books from Martingale & Company a few weeks ago.
They had a sale on books with small quilts.
So, I jumped at the chance to get them at such a good price.
Here they are.

I just love them.
If you haven't been on Martingale's web site, you should check it out periodically.
Every week, they have a new "Weekly Wow" sale.
These can be books or videos at up to 50% off.
You can't beat that.
They also offer free shipping if you order 3 or more. 
So, as you can see I ordered 3.
It does take a little while to get them shipped to Canada.
It took a little more then 3 weeks.
But it is worth the savings.

Hope you all have a great weekend.



Michele Pacey said...

Cool, I'll definitely have to check those out next time I'm over!

paulette said...

I get their newsletter but I have never looked at ...will check it out next time! thanks for the heads up!

Merilyn said...

I saw the 50% off and ordered three of them as well, x2 of Bits & Pieces and x1 Remembering Adelia, (a couple of books are for a friend), and they haven't turned up yet!! They usually turn up in Australia before Canada gets them, (can't figure out why?!!)
I hope next week will see them at my Post Office, now that you have them, I have renewed hope of getting them in the mail as well!!!

a good yarn said...

Gotta love a bargain! Plenty of charming little projects there. Ann :-)

Quiet Quilter said...

Thanks for the tip...

Barb said...

I know where you will be for a while!!! Enjoy!

SewCalGal said...

Yummy quilt books. I want to come camp out in your library. I'm not familiar with these, so off to go check them out on Martingale's site. They do have yummy books and some great sales too.


Dresden Quilter said...

Glad they finally arrived!