Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Mom's Italian Wedding Soup recipe and a little dress!

Alright!! Since so many of you asked for my Mom's Italian Wedding Soup recipe, here it is:

Note: It terrifies me to share recipes on here. I don't have exact ingredients. You just kind of make it, and put it all together. Taste it! add more spices, taste again. Then, it's done!

General ingredients

1 lb fresh lean ground beef
chopped garlic ( I use the chopped garlic that you buy in little jars. I use a teaspoon.)
Bread crumbs

Mix all the above ingredients and make little tiny meatballs. Once your meatballs are made, you want to cook them in a pan. You may want to add a bit of olive oil so that they don't stick. Cook all the meatballs until they are fully cooked.

Soup Base
1/2 cup Concentrated liquid beef broth
bag of baby spinach
dry onion flakes
noodles (orzo, ditali, other)

Use your big soup pot and fill it 3/4 full of water. Add you liquid beef broth. Bring to a slow boil. You want to finally chop your spinach into tiny pieces and add it to your broth. Also add the oregano, basil, salt, pepper, & dry onion flakes. Once your meatballs are fully cooked, add them to your soup base. Then you want to add about 3 or 4 hand fulls of your noodles of choice. I like to use orzo, but for my sons soup I used a bigger noodle like Ditali. Any small noodle will do. You let this cook on medium heat until your noodles are fully cooked. Check that it tastes the way you like it. And if it's just right, then serve.

This is a great soup for those cool days or when you are not feeling that well. It's not very heavy to eat and it also doesn't have much fat. If you don't like to put too much salt in your food, you can just omit it. There is already salt in the concentrated beef broth.

Well, let me know how it turns out, if you try it.

On another note, I made my daughter a little up cycled dress today. I used an old t-shirt and added some knit fabric that I had bought at a yard sale for 25 cents. I used this tutorial from Make it and love it.  She really likes it and didn't want to take it off when I was done. So, it's a winner. This is a very comfortable dress. The tutorial is for an adult size dress, but can be made any size I think. It only took me about 1 hour to make this. I hope you like it.




Catherine said...

Thanks for the recipe Ariane. We're having a bit of a cold spell here so it's just what I feel like, just hope my family feels the same way. Well done with your daughters dress. It fits her so well! I'm impressed!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Thanks so much for the recipe. I am going to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Yay! the recipe! I have to copy it...because I'm definitely giving it a go!

The dress turned out lovely! Great job.

I made a bunch of t-shirt dresses to send off to Africa with my MIL...she liked them so much, that she's working on 200 for the distribution they do in December for orphans. It's so nice to make a t-shirt look lovely! =)

Michele Pacey said...

your soup looks delicious Ariane, and Bee's dress turned out so well. nicely done!

Sara said...

I HEART SOUP!! Thank you so much for the recipe! I made Chicken Stew tonight with Cornmeal Dumplings--not too bad for you with the assortment of veggies added in there. The 2 yr old loved it;)

SewCalGal said...

Thanks for the recipe. I definitely want to give it a try. And I love your daughter's new dress too. Very cute.


orchidlover said...

What a great dress. I just wish I could get my daughter into one. It's jeans and trousers all the time

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Barb said...

She looks just adorable in that dress...sooo cute. Did it work up fast? I saw a shirt for a woman that was made out of a man's dress shirt, sooo cute.

Quilt Hollow said...

YUMMO!! I'll print this one out for future use!!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love this soup...I have had it before but never made it...I will give it a try...
The dress looks great too....