Saturday, October 23, 2010

Just one of those days.......

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all having a good day.
I had to work yesterday and today.
Still not feeling that great.
One more day to go, then I get to relax again.

I had an okay day today at work.
 I did good until about 5pm, then I got the worst coughing attack.

You know the kind that makes you want to pee your pants.
Yeah! That kind.
Remember, I'm at work now. I'm coughing.
Oh no!
I run to the washroom, still coughing.
Oh no!!!!
Make it to the washroom.
My partner is running behind me, he asks: "Are you okay? Are you chocking?"

I'm like.....Oh no!!!!
I lock myself in the washroom.

He yells"...If your chocking...I can't save you if the door is locked."

I yell back".....I'm going to pee my pants."

"Oh!!!!" he said...."You're going to be okay?"

"Yep!".... still coughing.

So, I made it. But barely.
I'm in there coughing for about 5 minutes straight.
I hold my coughing.
Okay....I can't hold my breath all night.
I take a drink.
More coughing.
Man....what am I going to do?

Finally, I manage to relax and stop coughing.

About half an hour later....again....another coughing attack.
Run to the washroom again.
By now, my partner knows better to follow me.
He doesn't want to follow me into the washroom.

I'm in there another 5 minutes.
I decide..... I can't talk, laugh, barely breath, until my shift ends at 7pm.
By about ten after 6, I'm better.
But...Man! Oh! Man!
What a rough time I had.

I hope to feel better tomorrow.

Well, since I hate having a post without pictures.

Here are pictures of my dogs that my daughter took.
I hope you like them.



WoolenSails said...

Being sick is not fun. I got a zpak the day before I woke up sick, talk about good timing. I have displaced my ribs, so I can't afford to get bad coughing spells. I still feel sick, but at least I am not coughing my brains out;)


AMKreations said...

Oh no! that's horrible! =( Nothing like a little embarrassment to keep us humble.

And I love the doggie photos!

Sara said...

I have had those kind of coughing episodes before and Yes they are not the least bit nice! Hope you get better SOON!!

The doggies are cute:)

Phyllis said...

I am finally over the virus that had me down for almost two weeks. I still have a little of the cough left, but it's mostly gone. Sounds like you have what I had. The doc said it's going around and lasts for a while. I woke up every night coughing my head off and running to the bathroom as well.

Your dogs are very pretty!

Barb said...

Oh my....hope you get better!

Winona said...

Ariane, I am so sorry you are still feeling under the weather. I woke up having one of those coughing fits at about 1 a.m. a couple of nights ago. Of course it woke up dh, the cats, and the dog. Goodness, then no one could go back to sleep. I felt so bad because dh had to be up at 4 a.m. to go to work. Hope you feel better soon. Tell your daughter she did a great job in taking the pictures of your dogs. They are sure cute.

Michele Pacey said...

jeepers Ariane! what a day that was! entertaining to read about but not to experience no doubt. you will get better soon i'm sure, you're a tough cookie!


Yep--I love those pictures of the dogs!!! I have to carry mints in my pocket all the time as some "smells" get me coughing and water does not stop it--so I have to pop a hard candy in my mouth--that usually helps--and I know the part about the bathroom--I often don't make it--so--be glad you did!!!!
Hugs, to the dogs and you tooo!!

Lori said...

There's nothing worse than a coughing attack! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Paula and Mel said...

Having one those coughing fits is no fun. I worked for a doctor and had one. I kept drinking cold water, he said NO, drink hot water. By golly it works everytime. Sonext time try drinking hot water. I tried hot chcolate or coffee but it did not work like just plain hot water.