Thursday, October 14, 2010

Almost a week has past....

I know!!
It's been busy around here.
I had the weekend off, but had so much stuff to do.
 Non-sewing quilting related stuff.
Then, I went back to work....night shifts on Tuesday night.
I'm really hating night shifts right now!!!
Last night, I went in to work, stayed until midnight and came back home.
I was so sick.
I spent the night in the bathroom, hugging the toilet bowl.
I'm exhausted this morning, but couldn't sleep.
My stomach is still queasy.......ughhhhhh!!!!

Okay, enough about that.
I did get some great mail yesterday.
My GO! Dresden plate die came. Yeah!!!!!!
I haven't tried it yet. Need to get my strenght up.
But I'm very excited none the less.
It should be fun to play with.

Also, my daughter B-Sew Cute got some great mail too.
Barb sent her two amazing fat quarters, to encourage her with her sewing.
She just loves them.
You are so sweet Barb!!! Thanks so much!!!!

simply square button

I was reading Jodie's blog @ Pleasant Home.
She is having a Sew Scrap-A-Long on her blog over the next 4-5 weeks.
She will be sharing ideas on how to use up your scraps.
I'm totally on this bandwagon already.
I'm trying to just use what I have and not shop too much.
I've been doing relatively good.
So, I can't wait to see her ideas.

Another thing going on in blogland soon is the Blogger's quilt festival.
I love this festival. It's for anyone to enter, from a beginner to a seasoned quilter.
I love seeing all the quilts and getting inspired. Amy from Amy's creative side always does an amazing job getting it organized. She always has great prizes too. So, spread the word, and pick a quilt to share with all of us.

Well, I need a nap!
If I get any sewing done later, I'll let you know.




WoolenSails said...

I sure hope you feel better soon.
I was sick with a flu or something, last week.
Guess it is that time of year again and time to snuggle in a chair with some hand quilting.


Barb said...

After I sent those fabrics I thought to myself...why didn't I send her Samoan fabrics...I was just thinking of something bright and fun...oh well...glad she likes them. You have alot of fun things going on...I want so badly to join the scrap one but am traveling...oh well...maybe I can come and just look in every once and a while.

Weatherbee ;) said...

I hope you feel better soon. That die looks like a lot of fun! :) And the fabric is beautiful, what a great surprise!


Amy said...

Oh no, get well soon!!

Michele Pacey said...

Hey Ariane, I hope you're feeling better today!

Brittany is a lucky little duck isn't she? those fat quarters are so pretty.

the Dresden Plate die looks interesting... so many possibilities in that one die. looks like fun fun fun to me!