Thursday, July 30, 2009

I got my Snickerdoodle Paper bag swap gifts!! Yeah!!!

Hi everyone! I got home from work tonight and what did I find, a package from the postman from my Snickerdoodle Paper bag swap partner Kjerstin Aker. I got such wonderful gifts. I got a wonderful bag with a cute little bumble bee and my name embroidered on it. I love that. I don't have too many things with my name on it because it's not that common here.

She made me a little thread catcher basket, a needle organizer and some great embroidery needles, a scissor cozy, a mini pincushion with some tiny little applique pins in it, a beautiful thimble and a strawberry that turns out into a cloth bag.

Oh!!! I just love it all. They are all so well made and so cute. I think she read my mind when she made me the needle organizer, because I can never find my sewing needles. I have a package here and there. Can never find the size I want, even though I know I have it somewhere. Now I'll be able to have them all organized together. That strawberry bag is such a great idea. I can put that in my big purse and have it for when I go shopping. Then I have an extra bag to put items in.

Then to top it off, she sent me some pieces of Thai-silk that her closest neighbour has given her. I love them. I'll be able to use them in a special project. A mini crazy quilt or something like that.
I'm so happy with all my gifts. Thanks you so much Kjerstin. It was fun to do this swap with you. I hope you receive my package soon.

Happy Stitching!!

Ariane :o)


Michelle said...

The items are so wonderful and so useful. I'm glad you got such great stuff.

a good yarn said...

That's a fantastic haul of goodies!