Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My brother: Joel Auge

Hi everyone,

I thought I would introduce you to my little brother,

He is a Christian recording artist.
He is only a year and a half younger than me.
I just love listening to him sing.
He has an unbelievably beautiful voice.
He has recorded several Christian music albums.
He writes all his own music.

Today, I was listening to his latest solo album.
I love it.
My favorite songs on it are:

Here to love,
Save me,

The song Addison was written for his daughter that was born a year ago.
If you want to listen to some of these songs, you can stream them for free on his My Space page found here.

This is his second solo album.
His first album is called In the blue.
Love that album too.

He also was the lead singer and guitar player in a band called Six Days.
My favorite song from them is Listening.
It is just gorgeous!!!
You can stream a few songs for free on their my space page found here.

He also played with a band called Hewit.
This was a more main stream band. He was the singer of this band too.
You can listen to a few of their song here for free.

The first Christian albums he recorded were with a band called Capstone.
They released a few albums with this band.
You can stream a few of their best songs here.
My favorite one that you can listen to is Better.
It's just so beautiful. Another favorite is You are my rock.
 Of coarse he sings and plays guitar on all these songs.

You may have seen him in concerts somewhere in the U.S. or Canada.
He has travelled to Europe as well.
If you have seen him perform, let me know.

I miss him so much.
We don't see each other as often as I would like.
He is just one of those people that can really inspire you.
He is just a genuine, good person.
He is so loving.
The first months after I had my first born son, he was always there for me.
 We were very close when we were teenagers.
 When I got married at 18, he stayed around for a little while then went off on his own.
He left home at 17.
We didn't see a lot of him for a lot of years as he was trying to make a life for himself in music.
Every time we see each other, he sings for us.
It just makes me cry when I here him sing. I miss him.
It's bringing me to tears just thinking about him.
He has know idea I'm blogging about him. LOL!!

Well, I just thought I should let you all here his music. It is meant to be shared.
So go check out these links and listen to his inspiring songs of worship.
It will touch your heart.




jauge said...

You. Are. Awesome. :)

Madame Samm said...

I am listening to You found he is good honey..really good...
he reminds me of James Blunt..something riveting about him... I like YOU alone too...
ahh nice to have a brother who has a wonderful sister...I would have loved to have a brother and a sister...

Tell him he has a new fan wink

Barb said...

That is really awesome, thanks for introducing your brother to us. I have never heard his music but will be on the look out for it.

WoolenSails said...

I couldn't get it, need plugs in and don't want to do anything new on this puter, would love to hear him. Will have to try when I am on my other one.

I would love to find some good christian music.


Puddles of Grace said...

No way, your brother was the singer for Hewit?! I am a military wife and a friend gave me the song 'Honey' when I was feeling 'second' to the army and wow... love it! I will totally look up his music, and what a plus that he is a Christian! Yippeee!!!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Sounds like one very proud sister...I will check out your links...

Michele Pacey said...

Great post Ariane! It's nice to share stuff like this isn't it? Very special. And he's so talented. Talent like that has to be shared. Yessir.

Sara said...

Aren't brothers great?!! I have two younger ones and they are such amazing adults!! I will listen to your brother real soon when I get a chance;)

Fresh Poppy Design said...

Wow he has an amazing voice! I'm excited! Off to listen to more :)

Thanks for stopping by my BQF entry and for your kind comments!