Friday, November 12, 2010

HST inspiration from flickr

I thought I would share a little HST ( half-square triangles) inspiration from flickr.
I've been thinking of making a quilt using hst's.
I hope you like my mosaic.

Quilt Story Blog by Fresh Poppy Design has a great hst quilt tutorial, here it is.
Part 1
Part 2




Michele Pacey said...

your mosaic is great! really makes you see that the possibilities are ENDLESS with HSTs!

Jorie said...

I've been doing some HSTs for the first time ever today! They are fast, fun, and look great!

tracey said...

So its 7am in Canada, the best time for me to catch up on my crafty blogs, but your headline confused me then made me laugh so hard i almost woke up my boyfriend!

In Canada they just introduced: HST the harmonized sales tax. And I thought, what the heck is an harmonized sales tax quilt look like! Clearly I need to brush up on my quilting block terms!

ha ha, thanks for the great morning giggle!

Sara said...

I am in love with #5 the pinwheel top!

a good yarn said...

Fantastic! Loads of inspiration there. Ann :-)

Jackie said...

Very clever AND it's pretty!