Thursday, November 11, 2010

A little organization

Hi everyone,

It's been a busy day around here.
It's my oldest birthday today.
He is 15 years old.
I can't believe it.
Kids grow so fast.
So, we celebrated tonight with a nice dinner.
My in-laws came over and celebrated with us too.
I was busy organizing this all afternoon.

But this morning, I went to Home Depot after dropping the kids off to school.
I had seen these large basket that clip together for only $2.99.
I thought they would be perfect to organize my scraps.
Remember this picture!!!

These are some of my scraps.
They fill a large black garbage bag. LOL!!!
I know!! I know!!
It's a lot!

I had brought them to my sister's to make little quilts in September
 and had put them in a large garbage bag.
 They have remained in that garbage bag ever since.
I used to have them in a large wicker laundry basket,
 but it was so overflowing and
I couldn't always find what I was looking for
without dumping the entire things.

So, I bought 10 large baskets and
here is the start of my scrappy re-organization.

This is about half the garbage bag sorted.
I have a lot of work to do.
The thing I like about this system,
is that I can see what I have.
If I need a little piece of something,
 I just go into that color basket and grab something.
I'm the type of person that gets inspired by the fabric itself.
I usually impulse buy a fabric because I like it,
 then decide what I'm going to use it for when I get home.
 One good thing is that I haven't been buying much fabric lately.
This is so hard to do.
Because there are so many wonderful collections I want to buy.
But I only have a small sewing space.
 If you recall, it's only 5 feet by 8 feet.
 It's like a walk in closet.
I have so much stuff in this room,
I can just basically walk in two steps,
and sit at my sewing desk.
That's it.
No more space!!!
I could barely get this picture,
because I couldn't back up. LOL!!!

So, it's time to organize.
Now, I'll be able to see what I have and make
mug rugs,
 scappy quilts,
 place mats,
table runners,
pot holders,
zippy pouches,

Back to work for me.

My scraps are calling.





Hi Ariane--I see that my "O" is catching this week!!!!!
this is what I have been doing for the last two days--every piece of my fabric has been gone through and resorted--but my bins are drawers in a 5 drawer unit cabinets!!! by color or fabric group--like all my civil wars are together--30's prints etc!!! But then it "affected" the rest of the apartment--so it's been work-work-work --I am all achy now that is for sure!!!
Hugs, Di

Michele Pacey said...

those baskets work really well for scraps, eh Ariane? what a great system! i love it!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday to your son....and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love your organization......

AMKreations said...

Well look at you, Mrs. Organization! That is a lot of scraps....guess I'm not the only one to not throw anything just sew a lot more. =)

Have fun getting busy!!! =)

Dresden Quilter said...

I was just there yesterday afternoon! I love your system. That is my New Year's Resolution- to make something out of scraps. Happy Birthday to your son!

Vals Quilting said...

Happy Birthday to your son...I love your comments about your sewing space. In my old space that I was already out growing I said to Mr. VQ that I wanted this small love seat couch in there, he said I didn't have the space but it's my room so I made it fit - I worked perfect for me lol.
Your space sounds like it's super organized and I love the bins idea, good find!

Stray Stitches said...

It looks like you are using your small space wisely. Great way to store scraps. Happy creating!

Cathy said...

good job organizing...i also like your life of scrap projects. Go Scrappy!!!

Catholic Bibliophagist said...
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Catholic Bibliophagist said...

Those look like the bins I bought years ago, and I've been wondering where to find more. I'll have to check out Home Depot!


loralei said...

WOW! What a great site. I have four grandchildren ages 7, 5, 3 and 2 all from our one daughter. We are so blessed. Your crafts are great for all of them. They all love crafts and I am always looking for them. They all have their different talents and I love how each item turns out. I am now saving all my scraps.
From my scraps I had been making pet beds. Cats and dogs both love to cuddle down in a pillow made of scrap fabric.