Monday, November 9, 2009

Got "Don't Look Now" patterns in the mail!!!

Hi everyone! I worked today, and haven't done any sewing yet tonight. But I did get some wonderful mail. I had ordered two patterns from Kellie at Don't Look Now. They are so wonderful. I just love these patterns. I'm hoping to make a few of these pillows for my daughters bedrooms. Aren't they just amazing. I don't know when I'll work on these, but I do have a lot of material that I can use for these. I wouldn't have to buy any. Hmmmmmm!!!!

Hugs Ariane



I say that all the time when i get a new pattern or book--I don;t need to get any fabric--but then this "other" me takes over and just has to buy some new fabric just for the new patterns!!!!!!
Hugs, Di

Anonymous said...

Oh yes they are yummy patterns.
Happy sewing

Michelle said...

These are gorgeous. I had been ogling them on other blogs.

Catherine said...

Aren't these gorgeous patterns and they will be so much fun to make up!