Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shop Hop Purchases & still chance for giveaway!!

Hi everyone, On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the quilting shops in the region had a shop hop. I went to all the ones in town on Thursday. That's Quilter's Choice, The Perfect Stitch and Garden Thyme Quilt Emporium. All the shops were selling a kit in order to make a log cabin quilt. If you went to all six shops and bought the kits, you would have enough material to make a log cabin quilt top. Each of the quilt shops provided a different log cabin quilt pattern with there kits. So six new pattern. I went to the Quilter's Choice first and bought a few fat quarters, the kit and a wonderful pattern by The Rabbit Factory called Patchwork Cottage. I just love this pattern. They had a finished quilt in their store and it was beautiful. I just couldn't leave without the pattern. Then I went to the Perfect Stitch and bought more fat quarters and a log cabin ruler. They had a deminstration of it and I thought it was perfect since I would be making a log cabin quilt. It's also handy to precut scraps so that I can eventually make a scrappy log cabin. As soon as she mention the word scrappy I was sold. I then went to Garden Thyme and bought the kit and more fat quarters. It was a good day. Fabric always helps to make me feel better. I think I would love to work in a quilt shop surrounded by wonderful fabric all day.

On Friday, I decided to go to the other 3 shops. These were out of town about an hour. I had to really plan out my day because I had a doctors appointment with a specialist that afternoon so I had to be back in town for that. So I went to Taylor's Sewing Centre and Picket Fences which are in Brockville. I bought the kits at both stores and some fat quarters. Then I had to quickly drive back for my appointement. Then, I went to Wilton Creek Fabrics and bought the kits as well, some fat quarters and a new Tri-recs tools to help cut triangles.

I enjoyed going to all the shops. The ladies all help to cheer me up. I ended up buying a lot of pink because I had a plan to make a dusty rose and pale green quilt. So we will see when that gets done. Regardless I had fun.
I also made a pair of shorts for my daughter on the weekend out of the quilting cotton I bought at Fabricland. They are really cute. My daughter just loves them. I still have enough material to make a matching top. So that's next on my list. I hope you all have a good day. I have more doctors appointements today. But it's nice and sunny out and hopefully I'll get to work outside in my gardens which have been neglected lately. I love to garden so that will be fun. Take care all of you. Thanks for all the happy thought you have been sending me. I think I should start writing my happy thought everyday. That will kept me in good spirits.
P.S You can still enter the giveaway. You have until Wednesday night. So go leave a happy comment.
Happy Stitching!!
Ariane :o)

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Michelle said...

Great stuff you got from the shop hop. One day I would like to make an all pink quilt. I hope your doctor's apppointments go okay.