Thursday, April 6, 2017

A gift for my Mom

Hi everyone, 

I made a quilted table topper for my Mom's birthday today. She loves bright colours and flowers. So, I fussy cut a large flower print and made a shadow box block with them.
 I initially quilted it with organic lines and it looked awful. I took all the quilting out, which took forever. Then, I quilted it with a tight pattern. I needed to do this because you could see all the spots from the old quilting. 
I was really nervous about the colours of this table topper. But when I gave it to my Mom, she loved it. I was relieved. 
I used a large Kaffe Fassett print as the backing. I hope you like it. 



a good yarn said...

It's beautiful! A permanent bouquet.


Oh how sweet--and I bet mom will love it--as alot of love when into making it for her--
enjoy the moments, di

Lisa J. said...

I took out some big stitch hand quilting on a wall hanging once and I also had to quilt very densely in that area. Fortunately it wasn't the whole quilt. Your table topper looks great!

Lorna McMahon said...

Love the fabrics you chose. Your mom must be so pleased!

Cathy said...

Looks like a reversible table topper! What's not for a mother to love? Can't believe you took out all the quilting...definitely a labor of love!

Laura said...

Since I started working, I haven't had time to look at many blogs. I came over for a quick visit, and can't stop reading. You are making such varied quilts, and I'm enjoying all your posts.