Friday, August 17, 2012

New bright fabrics......

Today, I decided to go shopping for fabric.
The local quilt shop, "Quilt & Stitch" has been having some great sales all summer.
All our extra money has gone to our renovation project, so I hadn't taken advantage of the great sales.
Until today, that is!!!

 I needed some fabric to make a gender neutral baby quilt.
So, I chose some bright fabrics in colors of the rainbow.

I was trying to get all my fabrics with dots,
since I'm participating in the 
Sew we quilt
Dots on Dots Blog Hop in September, but some colors didn't have any dotted fabric available.
Every block I make will have some dotted fabric in it though.

My brother and his wife are expecting a baby in September,
 and the sex will be a surprise at delivery time.
I find that exciting!!
I never new the sex of my three kids until they were born.
I loved how people would comment....she's carrying to the front, it's a boy.
Or try the needle and thread trick over the wrist to determine the sex.
You know....old wives tales!! LOL!!
After two boys, everyone thought my third baby was a boy, by the way I was carrying.
But, to all our surprise it was a girl.
I was so happy!!

Anyways, I will start working on this project soon.

I hope you are all well.



Carla said...

Lovely choices in fabrics. I love dots too. You will enjoy anticipating that new baby.!
I think I see some spending in my future too ; )

Michele Pacey said...

Great colours Ariane! Can't wait to see the sweet blanket!