Friday, February 17, 2012

More Needle cases, a winner, and mail!!!!

Hi everyone!

I have a day off again.

I made three more needle cases this morning.
I used 5 inch hexagon flower blocks to make these.
When I need a little hand sewing project to relax,
I often sew little hexagon flowers out of scraps.
So, I decided to use these for needle cases.
I used the same directions as my tutorial found here.
I just used hexagons instead.
These will be donated.

I also received some wonderful mail yesterday.
These were both wins from the Quilting Blogger's Giveaway Day.

The first is a beautiful piece of hand dyed fabric from Laura Krasinski.
She is a fibre artist.
Isn't the fabric gorgeous!!!!
Thank you so much Laura!!

Then, I got some sweet handmade buttons,
I love them.
Thank you so much!!!!

It's beautiful out today.
It's like a spring day.
Look at what I saw peeking through the ground this morning.
It's February 17th. 
There should be at least a foot of snow on the ground,
and be -20 degrees Celsius.
But, we have no snow.
And it's +4 degrees celsius.
So strange!!!
I know you probably don't here this often,
but I miss winter.
We haven't really had a winter this year.
We are missing out on all the fun winter activities to do.
Like build snowmen and forts.
Go sliding, skating outside....
It's just been wet and muddy and dirty.

Well, enough about that.
You are still waiting to here who won my giveaway!!
It's comment #37.
Jan said...
How cute is that, and you make it so simple! Thanks much!

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Dresden Quilter said...

I love your needle cases. Congratulations on your win! We are seeing the snow now.