Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Make it Good Challenge!!!!

Well, my sister Michele asked me last month if I was up for a crafty challenge.
She started the "Make it Good" challenge on her blog.
It's all about making fun little crafts with stuff that you have recycled.

So, the challenge was that I had to use juice cartons to make my craft....
And my inspiration had to be from the "work of human hands".

Okay, this was really tough for me.
I used to make all kinds of crafts from my recycle bin.
But it's been a long time. LOL!!!

So, this is what I started with.

I thought I would buy chocolate milk for the kids.
They liked that. LOL!!!

Hmmm.....what am I doing now?
Do those look like shingles?

Well, it's a house!!!

It's a little storage box house.

So, do you like it?

I do, but I wasn't so sure about it.
You know my sister Michele, she is the queen of upcycled crafts.
She makes the most beautiful things.

 I'm panicking a bit.
It's not exactly what I wanted.


What else could I make? needs more fabric.....

I am a quilter, right!!!!

I have all these vintage little pieces of fabric and laces.
Some of these were cut off old clothing that were no longer good.
But the details on the edges were so pretty, that they were kept for just the right project.
I pulled them out, and started stitching.

I cut out the letter "M" out of the milk carton, and pocked little holes in the letter so that I could stitch it on to my little tiny quilt.


It's only 5.5 inches in size.
Cute eh!!!!

Very soft and delecate looking.
The background is a very pale green satin.
The cross stitched trim, came off an very old cotton garment.
I didn't cut it off the garment myself.
I bought all this trim at an estate sale.
The lady had saved all the pretty pieces off vintage garments.
The lace in the bottom left corner was also cut off a cotton night gown or undergarment.
The lace at the top was just so pretty and you could see the background fabric through it.
So, I had to add it.
I used the inside of the milk carton for the letter.

What do you think Michele?

Did I "Make it Good"?

Now, go over to Michele's blog and see what she made.



Dresden Quilter said...

You definitely exceeded the challenge. They are both fabulous.

Michele Pacey said...

Hey Ariane! Yay, you did! You made it good. Your little house is so sweet with the shingles and door and window. And of course the roof comes off so I can hide some treasures in there! Stands to reason!

I know exactly where to put that little lace wallhanging too. It's going on the wall in my bedroom where I can admire its lace and cross-stitching details.

Thanks for playing along little sister! I love to make it good, and this one was especially special for me just because it's you!



Barb said...

You did good in my book!!

Amy said...

Very fun! Those were great ideas. I was waiting and waiting for these posts to see what you both came up with!

Michelle L. said...

Hi, Ariane! So adorable! I love the house storage box, it's a crafty, cute and practical piece. The shingles are so detailed, it looks like folk art and I love the colors. So funny that you bought choco milk for the kids so they approved your craft. The teeny quilt is so beautiful, and how cool to use the milk carton to stitch on a monogram.

Super fun, you and Michele are both artistes!

Anji* said...

Very cute! Love the little house, and I love the curly M on the teeny quilt :)

Poppyprint said...

I love that 'fabric, it needs more fabric'. Apparently Michele thought so, too! Congratulations Ariane - a challenge well-met!! I love your wee house and the little quilt is so dainty and pretty with those special trims.

PEACHES said...

Haha, by George I think you got it! Milk cartons have never looked so good :) I like your "needs more fabric" approach. I take the same approach with rhinestones.
I so enjoy seeing two sisters approach the same problem with such different solutions. Both are gorgeous. Bravo!

I write about things that interest me, frustrate me, puzzle me and information that will be educational and useful to others. said...

What a really neat idea to give you a challenge like that. I actually kind of like the house, as a kids craft and to make it suitable for an adults perhaps you could pad the sides and cover with fabric....and it could be a pencil/paintbrush or storage box. Just my thoughts, but I love the idea of a craft challenge using recycled items. Thanks so much for sharing.

Melissa said...

Awesome job! They look great!