Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bee blocks and wings......

Sew, today I've been sewing like crazy.

First, I made two of my Bee Blocks that are due.

For Michelle, I made this one.
I love this block.
It's in my favorite colors too!!!

And for Sara, I made this one.
I struggle with this kind of block.
I hope she likes it.

Also, my daughter is in a school play and needed a costume.
She is a bird.
Sew, I needed to make her some wings.
I got this set done today and brought it to the school to see if they approved.

Well, they liked it so much, they asked if I would make 2 more sets for the other two girls who are birds.
I kinda figured they would want the other girls to have the same kind of wings.
Sew, I bought enough material to make three sets.
I'm almost done the second set.

Sew, back to the sewing machine.



JoAnne said...

I love your daughter's wings! It's so nice of you to make them for the others too. Those girls certainly would have been wanting the gorgeous wings if they didn't have them. Those wings are SO much nicer than the foil covered cardboard wings I wore when I was a child, decades ago!

felicity said...

I love love love the wings. And would LOVE a process post or tutorial!

Merilyn said...

Those bird's wings are very creative!!! Great idea! I agree a tutorial would be wonderful!!!

Me and My Stitches said...

Love the wings - she will be a beautiful bird!

Stray Stitches said...

Love your blocks! The wings are amazing!! No wonderf they asked you to make two more sets :)


Hi Ariane--are you saying you have gone to the flying with the birds now?????lol
love those wings--you have done a beautiful job of making them--way to go girl!!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Michele Pacey said...

So cute those wings! I bet B is so proud of them!

Dresden Quilter said...

The wings look amazing! You'll have to pretend to be less talented next year! ;-)