Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and I'm a guest on Stash Manicure!!!


Good morning everyone!!

It's 7:10 am and I just got in the door from work.
I just finished a 12 hour midnight shift,
and I'm off for the weekend.
I worked 7, 12 hour night shift in the last week and a half.
If you have ever worked night shifts, you know that your brain takes a holiday during that time. LOL!!!
I always worry that I've forgotten something important that I was suppose to do.
Oh well!!!
My hat goes off to anyone out there who works nights.
They are tough on the body.

I'm guest posting at today.
So hop on over there and leave me a comment telling me what you think.
I put up a little tutorial.
Nothing fancy!!

Well, I did get some work done on my hexagon star quilt.
For the March UFO challenge, project #1 was selected.
And that's to finish my hexagon star quilt top.

So, right now I have 9 rows all sewn together.
Two more rows done, but need to be attached to the main piece.
I ran out of cut fabric, and I'm making this quilt the old fashion way.
I'm using a cardboard template and cutting all my fabric by hand with scissors.
It's not a fast process.
But it's a relaxing process.
I love that!!!

I needed to cut fabric for another 68 stars.
Just a few.......
So, I got 34 cut and I started hand sewing some of the stars.
I have 14 done.

I'm not sure I'll finish the top this month, but I will try my best.
Wish me luck!!!

And since it's St. Patrick's day,
I should be very lucky.

I just need to find that four leaf clover.......



Stray Stitches said...

Great post over at Stash Manicure! The quilt you made for your niece's new baby is adorable. Thanks for the tutorial. Love the stars you are working on.

JCnNC said...

That was a really great tutorial Ariane - sure wish I had been as creative when I made my little grand boy his quilt. He got airplanes - strickly from a pattern. If your UFO is not finished this month, just think how much further along it will be. I have a couple of projects that are lengthy also and wish I had left them off the list - LoL. Judy C

Poppyprint said...

I know I wouldn't be able to function working those night shifts! Happy green day, I'm off to check your guest post. Your stars are looking fabulous...I have a swirly star hand piecing project that I should really re-visit. It's been languishing in a box for several years.

Merilyn said...

I'm amazed you can string words together to make sense after your your night shifts LOL!!!! I so know what night shifts can do! I hope you have a relaxing time on your days off. Your stars are lovely, look forward to seeing them altogether in a quilt!!!

Madame Samm said...

You were a star, as always and this quilt is my fav of yours today..