Thursday, December 30, 2010

UFO Challenge 2011

Patchwork Times

Judy from Patchwork Times is having a UFO challenge.

Okay, I wasn't going to officially join this challenge.
But, hey, why not, right?
I have so many UFO's to finish.
Might as well have some incentive.
So, here is my list.

1. My Hexagon Star quilt.
For this one, I just want to have all the top pieced. Since this is a hand pieced quilt top and it's queen size. I already have 9 rows done, but some are not sewn to the main body yet. There are 15 rows of 17 stars for this top.

2. My Sundays Best quilt.
This quilt top is done. It just needs to be sandwiched and quilted. This is a twin size quilt.

3. My Shabby Roses quilt.
This is a wall hanging quilt. It need to be hand quilted.

4. My Sew Modern Bee quilt
I have the last border almost done on this top. Then it needs to be quilted.

5. My sister's quilt
I have to put the top together, then quilt it.

6. Between Charming Friends quilt.

The top is done, it just needs to be quilted. 

Completed January 2011!!!!
7. My picnic quilt.
This is a small quilt. It just needs to be quitled.

8. My Gifts of Grace quilt.
I have 5 blocks completed, and two blocks almost done, 2 blocks that need to be started.
I hope to have this quilt top done and this quilt quilted.

9. My Summer blues quilt.
This is going to be a queen size quilt. I have most of the blocks done. I just have 5 more blocks to make and put the top together and get it quilted. Should have this one done in know time.

10. My Summery Dresden quilt for the Maple Leaf Bee.
I still don't have all the blocks back for this one. But I should soon.
I hope to have this top made. If it gets quilted, that's a bonus.

11. To hand quilt my hexagon star quilt.
If she picks #11, before #1, then I will defer to #1 as the quilt top is not done  yet. Then I'll just switch them numbers.

12. My Rocky Road to Kansas quilt.
I have 6 blocks done. 6 more need to be made. So, I just want to get this top done. If I can quilt it too, that's a bonus.

Disclaimer: If I have extra time to finish one of these projects earlier than I will. I'm sure I will have other projects pop up through the year. So, if I do finish some early, then I will replace them with the new project.

Okay, So that's it. I have lots of projects that I want to start. And lots of fabric that I want to buy. But my husband wants me to use some of the fabric I have first before I buy more. My sewing room is going to burst from all the fabric. So, I plan on getting these done and also making some charity quilts with some of my fabric. That should help reduce my fabric stash.

Wish me luck!!




Sara said...

Wowee you are busy,busy!!!! I am very interested in seeing the rest of the journey with the #1 hexagon quilt:)
You are very organized for having all those wips:) I guess one has to be then!


Jackie said...

You have some beautiful WIPS and many of them are quite far along. I think that sometimes just taking inventory is a motivator. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress towards meeting your goals.

Sara said...

You have some beautiful UFO's to finish. I've been working on a list myself and it is scary to realize how many things I've started but not finished.

a good yarn said...

You have so many lovely projects happening Ariane! I'm sure you will work through them and Judy's challenge is just the incentive you need. Happy New Year! Ann :-)

Michele Pacey said...

it's great to have a plan! it's the way to get things done! good luck Ariane!

Lesly said...

You have a lot to do in 2011 but I know you can do it! Your projects look great!

Tamera said...

Good Luck!

joan said...

They are all beautiful. If anyone can accomplish the task of finishing all those projects, I think it is you... I have no doubt. Good Luck!
Happy New Year!


OH boy--do you and I have our work "cut" out for us in 2011!!!
and I got all twisted around--on the ufo challenges--but hopefully I now am all straightened out and left my list on the correct site!!!!
I got enough to do that is for sure!!
Happy New years--
hugs,Di and miss gracie

Millie said...

Wow, but you are busy. All your UFO's are stunning. Good luck, Ariane!

Catherine said...

Gosh you have been busy this last year! Gorgeous quilt tops every one of them. Good luck with the completion of them!

Marit said...

I do wish you luck! You have a lot of good quilts brewing here. May there be lots of happy sewing for you in 2011!
; )

Madame Samm said...

Ok, breath...all of these are your UFO's how on earth did you even find time to make all of them... I cannot even fathom doing more than 1 at a time...I hope you don't inspire me too much lol
love them all you know...

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful projects. I'm happy to be working on my UFOs with you and look forward to seeing them as they progress and celebrate their finishes.


Quilter Kathy said...

That's a fabulous quilt show...great projects! Glad you are joining in the UFO challenge!

Sheila said...

Your quilts are beautiful, esp Shabby Rose and Picnic!

Barb said...

All your tops are sooooo fun and different from one another, you certainly have a variety..... It will be so fulfilling to get some UFO's completed. I wish I had mine here time.