Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My sister's new blog.......Michele Made Me

{Picture by Michele @ Michele Made Me}

Hi everyone, I am very excited to share with you my sister Michele's blog called
She is very artistic and will be sharing many different crafts with all of us.
 Maybe she'll even share some of her gardening too.
Because she definitely has a green thumb.
She makes a lot of her art with recycled items.
So be sure to check often to see what she has created with things around the house.
It will be very inspiring for sure.
Just click on the link above and check it out.

I did a lot of sewing today. But nothing that I can share.
Maybe tomorrow.




Michele said...

Hi Ariane!

I want to let you know that you are the reason I am doing this. Thank you immensely for leading the way, little sister! You are brave and talented and so hardworking. I look up to you.

See you very soon, in the real world and in the blogosphere!!!



Poppyprint said...

Hi Ariane! Nice blog!! I'm excited to see there is a bee group for Canadian quilters...maybe I can squeeze in next time (guess I'll have to wait a year!). That would be nice for postage...I just spent $21 to send a small package surface to Denmark - ouch. The 'local' bee seems like a good plan. I'll keep up with you on Flickr. Thanks for being my angel for PPII :)

Dresden Quilter said...

She has a lot of talent just like you. Can't wait to see what you are working on.

a good yarn said...

Welcome Michele! I look forward to visiting your blog and seeing all your projects. Ann :-)