Monday, April 12, 2010

I joined a Canadian Quilting Bee!

Well, I took the plunge. I joined a quilting bee. This one is all Canadian Quilters. We have girls from across the country. It is so fun. We will get to know each other better, as we go through the year and make blocks for one another. We didn't have a button for our bee so I made one. I have a lot of modern fabric. So, I just piled some of it up and took a picture. I like it. I have already figured out what kind of block I want for my quilt. I'm going to make a little tutorial to share with the girls. I'm very excited about it.

For all of  you who read about my hot water trouble, thanks for all your wonderful comments. Everything is all fixed now. So we can be clean, and breath easily now. I will try to get some sewing done tomorrow. I didn't feel that well today. But I spent a lot of time relaxing and looking at all the wonderful projects online.




Kelly O. said...

Hi Ariane,
how do you go about joining bees?
I am in one right now but was asked to join by did you find this one?

Dresden Quilter said...


a good yarn said...

Nice work on the button! I'm looking forward to seeing your blocks for the bee, especially when your fabrics are so nice. Cheers, Ann :-)