Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crochet Rag Rug

I was cleaning out the kids dressers yesterday. I sorted through their clothes. Put all the good clothing in boxes to donate. There were many T-shirts that were well worn, and would have probably ended up in the garbage. So, I decided to make a rag rug out of the t-shirts. I just started to make it. I cut the t-shirts into thin half inch strips and knot them together. I've got a few pictures to show how I knotted the strips together. Once the strips are cut, (they don't have to be perfect width) you cut a little slit at the end of the strips. Like in the picture below.

You then pass the strip you are adding through the hole in the first strip. See picture below.
Then you pass the other end of the strip you are adding through the hole of that same strip. See below.
Then you pull to tighten the knot. I'm not that great at explaining things, so I hope the pictures help you. I then crochet the rug. You can make it round, rectangular or oval like I'm doing. The T-shirt material is stretchy, so it makes it relatively easy to work with. It is difficult sometimes in the area when you hit a knot. But its not that difficult. This is a good project to recycle old t-shirts. You can use old sheets as well. I did that once, and I died the sheets the colours I wanted. It looked really nice. I made that one round. Unlike a braided rug, this rug will stay together much better. I'm not planning to make this one very big. I'm excited to show you how it turns out when I'm done.
Have a great day!!


Joy said...

Oh I love that idea!!! That's a pretty big hook you're using - what size it it??
Thanks for the great tip!!!
Joy :o)

Ariane said...

The hook doesn't have a number on it unfortunatly. It's not the biggest hook you can buy. It's about a 3/8 of an inch thick. When I go to the store I bought it from...I'll check the size and let you know.
Ariane :o)

Anonymous said...

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