Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I made a Sutton Blouse by True Bias

I've been wanted to make myself clothing for a while. I've tried a few garments before. But I still consider myself a newbie at sewing clothing. I purchased the PDF pattern for the Sutton Blouse last year. I figured it was something I could tackle. Well, I finally decided to make it today. It took me about three hours to trace my pattern, cut it out and sew it. Now that I've made it once, it would probably take a lot less time.

I made the size 18. I didn't make any changes because I thought that it would fit as prescribed. It did. I used a cotton lawn by Cotton and Steel that I bought last year. It's a loose fitting top. It's very comfortable. I'm not used to wearing loose clothing anymore. I lost 85 lbs this past 6 months as I had a gastric bypass. I've been wearing more fitted clothing since then. But I still like it. I'm sure I will make it again. I hope you like it!!




Sharon said...

It looks fabulous. I'm glad your surgery went well and you are getting the results you wanted. I hope you stay healthy in your new body and enjoy all life has to offer!

Dresden Quilter said...

It looks fantastic and so do you! I have been wanting to try sewing garments for a while.