Thursday, October 6, 2011

Where have I been......

I know it's been a while since I posted.
I've been busy, I guess.....just life getting in the way of sewing and blogging.

I received a wonderful bag that I won from Antmee.
It's beautiful and much bigger that I expected.
My daughter had claimed it and uses it as her school bag.
Yup, it's that big.
It's really beautifully made.
The blue is a stripped denim, so it's nice and sturdy.
Thanks Antmee. I love it!!!

I attended my monthly guild meeting yesterday.
I was very pleased to find that one of the quilt tops that I donated was all done.

I just love how they quilted it.
It looks amazing.
Now, it's ready to be donated.



Barb said...

The bag does look awesome, and your quilt is lovely

Dresden Quilter said...

Congratulations on your win and I love your quilt!

Anita said...

Awe, welcome back! =) Love that bag and your quilt top is gorgeous! That quilting looks fairly it done on a regular sewing machine?

Domestic Moose said...

That quilt looks great. I always look at that pattern and think, "nah, too simple" because the one in my book is done in BLAH colors. Then I see ones like yours and I think, "MUST MAKE!"

Very pretty.

Quiltendewilma said...

I love your quilt!!

Catherine said...

Lovely bag!! I can see why your daughter grabbed it for herself:-) Your quilt is really pretty and I love that cross hatch quilting on it!

Quilthaze said...

Your quilt is lovely and the bag is gorgeous too. I'm like you - don't seem to be able to find time to blog much just now. I must try harder!

Michele Pacey said...

Great bag Ariane! Lucky you!

Your quilt looks awesome all-quilted up. So nice that some lucky person will now get to snuggle up with it!

a good yarn said...

Awesome quilt and bag!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your donations quilt is just adorable Ariane!

JJ said...

Cute bag and it is so much fun to win something. I your donation quilt turned out very nice.