Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wow!!! A blog makeover a la Madame Samm!!!!

Okay!! So I was just looking through the fridge trying to figure out what to make for supper.
Then, the phone rings and guess who?
It's Madame Samm!!!

She asks me if I would like a blog makeover.
I'm like.....Wow....I would love it....Yeah....I'm so excited.

She asked me two things...
1) my favorite color
2) my favorite thing

So, my answer was red and sewing.

She said perfect, give me a day and I should be done.
Well, half an hour later she calls me back.
She's giggling!!!
I'm done she said. Go check it out.

So I kick my son off the computer. (Not literally)
And go check it out.

Ahhhhh!!!!! I Love it!!! Yeah!!!!
I can't believe it.
Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

I'm so excited!!
What do you think??

It's brighter, and cheerful!!
More me!!!

Thank you Samm!!

Make sure you check out her blogs.

You are so talented Samm.

Lots of hugs!!!


felicity said...

WOW! It looks terrific!

Jorie said...

It looks awesome!! I think I need to brighten mine up a bit. She did a great job :)

Cindy said...

It's totally awesome, Ariane. I love it, everything about it.

Madame Samm is pretty wonderful.

Penny said...

I'm 'green' with envy! It's fantastic!

sunny said...

Fantastic! You are one lucky girl.

Mommarock said...

Doesn't Madame Samm just brighten your day, not to mention brightening your blog :) Such a sweetheart!

Wendy said...

How sew very wonderful for you, Ariane!! Your blog is truly beautiful and can't help but bring smiles :) Enjoy!

Sheila said...

Fantastic New Banner!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, I'm gonna think I punched into the wrong blog now! I love it and congratulations.

Shannon said...

Wow, it looks so good! I love the red!

Ellyn said...

snazzy! Have her call me...

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely and how nice to not have to do it! I'm always changing my blog background...probably cause I can't rearrange my furniture. =)


I would say that you are one very lucky girl--it is really great--and it will make your blog time even more fun now!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Michele Pacey said...

What?!!! That's amazing! It looks great Ariane! And there's my button! And YOU have a new button! So cool! What a sweetie-pie that Samm!

Sara said...

Love the pigtails and the pin through the heart!!! Adorable.

Poppyprint said...


Lee said...

too darn cute. I wish I had a call like that!

Jingle said...

It looks really cute!

Barb said...

What a lucky gal...I love it!!