Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Gym Bag for my 13 yrs old son!!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. Today I made a gym bag for my 13 year old son. I had some camouflage canvas material and thought that would be appropriate for him. I wanted to spice it up a bit and make it look cool. You that he wouldn't be ashamed of it....and it would be stylin'.......So, I cut out his initials first out of some cream fabric. Then I used fusible web to fuse them to some dark denim. I then stitch around the  cream colored letters and left the edges raw. I cut out the letters from the denim, then pinned them to the bag fabric and sewed them on. I used my darning foot to sew them to the bag front. I didn't want it to look to perfect. I wanted it to have kind of a rough look. So I left the denim edges raw too. Eventually they will frey and it will look more worn. I made two straps out of the left over canvas and added a twill tape tab at the top so that he could hang the bag on a hook and bought a toggle so that the bag could be properly sinched and kept closed.

When he got home from school, I showed it to him. I was really nervous that he wouldn't like it. You know how 13 yr olds can be about their stuff. Well, he loved it. He gave me a big hug and a kiss. He said it looked really cool and that it was big enough he could you it when he went bike riding. I told him it was for gym.....oh yeah.....he said. LOL!!! Well, I'm just glad he liked it.

I hope you like it too!!




Michele said...

looks awesome ariane! very "stylin" too, i might add!

Amy said...

Gosh, it was worth it just to get a hug and kiss from your thirteen year old boy wasn't it? I make my son (7) promise that when he is older he will still give me hugs and kisses. He rolls his eyes and says, "yes mommy."

Jennifer said...

You're right, it can be very difficult to please 13YO boys - you have succeeded very well!