Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A sneak peak and some yummy fabric!!!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well. I've been working on some sketches lately. Trying to see if I could come up with something good enough to make into a pattern. The other day when I was at work on my break. I was finishing up my Tim Hortons coffee and started using the coffee cup as a circle template to draw on scrap pieces of paper.

I drew so many little designs in these circles. It's like I was inspired all of a sudden and the images that I was seeing in my head were actually getting drawn on paper. You know how it is sometimes you imagine stuff that would look great, but you can't seem to get it right on paper. Happens to me most times. Well, this time I was doing a really good job. I was so proud of myself. Needless to say the scraps of paper with the drawings came home with me.

I've been working at them here and there seeing what I could make with them. A few of the designs are  inspired by Christmas. I've started to put one of the designs together on fabric. I'm very excited about how it looks. So I thought I would share a sneak peak. I have just started, so there are still a lot of details missing in the pic. I hope you like it!!

On the fabric front, Alison from the Sew Modern Bee had sent some wonderful red fabric to make her blocks and I just loved it. I wanted to know who had designed it so that I could get some. She offered to do a swap with me. I had some Mermaid fabric that she wanted, so we did a swap. My piece of fabric was bigger then hers, so I told her to just throw in a few scraps (which I love) in to make it even. Well, I was so surprised today when I received the package. She sent me so many scraps. It was like hitting the jackpot. I love them all. Now I feel guilty 'cause she sent so much more that I did. Hmmmm....I think I can even it out with some fabric she would like. Well, that was a wonderful experience. I think I might just do it again. 




Sara said...

I like your design there so far. Would you be interested in some paisley print scraps, maybe 3 or 4 different patterns? Do you know someone whom may if you aren't interested?

Michele said...

I'm so glad you're doing some drawing and designing of your own Ariane! your sneak peek is looking so lovely! i cannot wait to see what comes of it!

Stephanie said...

Ariane, I would love to see this in person. It is wonderful. Should be fun to work with, Steph

a good yarn said...

I love sneak peeks! Can't wait to see the finished project. That's a fantastic collection of fabrics treats. You are a lucky girl! ann...

Phyllis said...

Hi Ariane! Thank you so much for the little autumn design. I've just started it this evening. It's perfect for me as I've been wanting to work on a small project for fall.

Thanks again!