Sunday, July 11, 2010

My scrap basket!!!

So, this is my scrap basket. It the size of a laundry basket.
 It's overflowing!!!!!
I need to do something about this.
 I think I will start sorting them by size and trimming them into strips.
So much to do!!!
I have to work night shift the next two nights.
We will see what gets done!!




Kelly O. said...

holy moly! that's a lot of scraps! I can't wait to have that many :)

a good yarn said...

My goodness, that scrap basket needs some wrangling! Should keep you out of mischief for a wee while yet. Ann :-) said...

Nice with scraps. And remember; don't throw away the selvages. Go to the Selvage Blog to find ideas of what to do with them.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

I was read a blog from a woman in Isreal. She takes her Crumbs and keeps them in a couple large gloass jars on a shelf in her sewing room. When they are full she sells them and donates the proceeds to a charity.

The image of a glass jar full of little pieces of fabric seems so beautiful to me.