Friday, September 15, 2017

My quilt guild BOM quilt.

Hi Everyone,

I designed the scrappy sampler quilt especially for the Limestone Quilters Guild.
We are doing this quilt as this years BOM.
It's more like a several blocks per month endeavor. LOL!
But, I've had really good feedback from people who are planning to make this quilt.
It's my first time doing a pattern for others, so it's been a bit nerve wracking.

We had our first BOM Sew Day yesterday.
We were nine ladies all together.
I gave demonstrations on how to use the rulers to make the blocks and how to put the blocks together.
We talked about fabric and color selection, fabric placement and value.
I gave tips on getting an accurate 1/4 inch seam allowance. 

It was interesting to share my perspective on sewing a scrappy quilt.
It was fun to share with the ladies and they were very encouraging. Phew! I made it through. 

Because I'm doing these demonstrations, I'm making more blocks.
I don't really want to make this quilt again.
So, I'm going to use my blocks to make table runners.

These are the blocks I demo'd yesterday.

My plan is to make a few more of these blocks to make the table runner.
I've already starting cutting for a few more blocks.
It shouldn't take me long to make them.


Kaja said...

How cool that you are designing for other people, and teaching too! I like how your blocks look, and table runners sound like a practical way to use blocks you don't want to turn into quilts.

a good yarn said...

I'm sure you are a good instructors Ariane and your guild will be making some lovely projects if these blocks are the example.