Saturday, June 24, 2017

Yellow blocks, phone stand and some hand stitching!

Hi everyone,

I have had a very interesting month so far.
I've had lots of stuff going on.

First off, I did finish my yellow Arkansas Crossroads blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017. I love making these blocks. They are easy to make, and I love finding the scraps to put them together.

Then, I decided I needed to have an iphone/ipad mini stand. So, I looked online at all the tutorials out there. I didn't want mine to be exactly like these tutorials. I just wanted to have an idea of what worked. I made up my own pattern. I wanted something that could be made quickly and with strips of fabric. This is what I came up with.

I made the big grey one first. This was my first prototype. It worked okay. I found that the ledge to hold the iPad wasn't long enough. The iPad would slip sometimes. This one was made with scraps of twill fabric so I didn't use any interfacing. Because this one is so large I used some left over batting scraps to stuff it, as well as crushed walnut shells. 
The second one I made was the little orange one. I used quilting cotton on this one, without interfacing. I made the ledge longer. This was better. I filled it only with crushed walnut shells. This was also better. But, it needed interfacing as the crushed walnut shells discolored the fabric and it was also too small for my iPhone SE, which is the same size as an iPhone 5s. It would slide to the side all the time.

So, finally I got it right. The middle one is made of quilting cotton that has been backed with a light interfacing. It has the longer ledge. It is filled with only crushed walnut shells which gives it nice weight to hold a phone or iPad mini. It can hold my husbands Samsung s7 phone well without worrying it will fall over. 

After trying all these out, I realized that the larger size would be perfect for a standard iPad, as long as it was filled completely with crushed walnut shells, or some weighted pellets. It needs the longer ledge to work properly. But other than that its good. 

Then, I was a lucky winner in a challenge by Lorna of  Sew Fresh Quilts to make quilts for Canada's big bee. I made this quilt to donate to the Ronald MacDonald House. She sent me this wonderful charm pack by Robert Kaufman. I haven't made anything with it yet, but I will. It's beautiful fabric. Thanks so much Lorna!!!

Laurel Canyon by Studio RK
Laurel Canyon by Studio RK, Complete Collection

Then, I went on vacation with my husband to Cuba for a week. We had a wonderful vacation. I love going to Cuba. The people there are so friendly, and the beaches are amazing. I brought some hand stitching with me. It was so interesting to sew there. The people of Cuba have not had access to many fabrics. They don't quilt much or at all. I would be sewing while sitting in the lobby bar of the resort and the servers would all stop to ask what I was doing. I would show them the hand stitching and pictures on my phone of some of the quilts that I have made. They were all amazed.

This is the hand stitching I've been doing.
I'm making these with a kite shape. I'm turning them into triangles, then diamonds, then stars.
I love how these are coming along. 

Well, I think that's enough for one post. LOL!!

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Nell's Quilts said...

Squares and HST make up so many interesting blocks. Your Arkansas Crossroads prove that. Great problem solving in your iPhone design challenge. Your starry hand stitched stars are beautiful. I had to look hard at some of them t o see the original kite template.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I really like your Arkansas Crossroads blocks! They're going to make a beautiful quilt in all the rainbow colors. I tried making an iphone/ipod stand a few years ago, and realized the same thing as you did. It needed some modifcations to be really useful. It looks like the changes you made work!

Deb A said...

Really love those iPhone holders! Great idea. Your Arkansas Crossroads blocks are coming along great.... such a fun block to build with. Your hand work is stunning! Such pretty and vibrant colors to work with.


Love the yellow blocks--looks good--
and I have looked into those Ipad holders--but wanted one for a book-but they are expensive and wasn't sure it would work for me--but love your little ones--are you creative--
enjoy the moments, di

PaulaB quilts said...

Your blocks have a real Cuban vibe in the colors and combos. Must be the atmosphere.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You were very busy with all those scrappy projects. Nice work!!

Angie said...

Your Arkansas Crossroads blocks are going to look great when all of them are assembled! Good on you for coming up with your own method for making phone/iPad rests!

Cathy said...

You can't beat those Arkansas Crossroads blocks. That's going to be one wonderfully scrappy quilt. And I like your new hand stitching project. Looks wonderful so far. Can't imagine not having access to much fabric!

a good yarn said...

You might have to call your pattern Goldilocks since the middle was just right! I am loving your Arkansas blocks and your new hand-stitching project looks terrific. You have such a good eye for balancing scrappy colours in your projects. Cuba seems to be the destination for holiday makers, my son is keen to travel there.

Monica said...

Love those Arkansas Crossroads blocks! That's going to be a lovely quilt. :D

Cathy said...

Your stuffed I-device holders are all cute, and it's cool that you worked through it to get one that worked perfectly for you. I love your Arkansas Crossroads blocks. So many cute blocks, so little time!! I have so many yellows that I've sewn together in strips then cut into 2.5" patch rows. I was going to make pineapples, but your Arkansas blocks are really tempting me....

Ruth said...

Your phone stand is very interesting. I might make one for my tablet and I'm wondering how big are the triangles you used for your larger one. I love your hand pieced stars! Do you use the English paper piecing method? Or do you draw lines on the back?

The Cozy Quilter said...

You have been busy! I need one of those iPhone holders...yours are so cute! Isn't it fun talking to people when you sew in public?

Kaja said...

You have been busy! I love your yellow blocks, and your hand sewing. Is it EPP or are you sewing without papers? I'd love to visit Cuba.