Monday, February 13, 2017

En Provence progress....

I'm moving along quite well on this quilt. I have started sewing the rows together.
There are so many pieces to sew together. But the results are so amazing. 
Here's a picture of my first two rows sewn together. I have the next two rows almost ready to add to this.
My daughter loves it so far. 
So that makes me excited to work on it!! 




When our kids--no matter what age--like something we are making--
it always makes up feel better and we want to finish things--
looks really nice so far-keep it going--
enjoy the moments, di

Vireya said...

Love your pink and purple colour scheme!

a good yarn said...

Oh my - it's just gorgeous. You must be pleased with how it looks so far. I'm really liking the colour play.