Friday, December 9, 2016

Scrappy Medallion Quilt round 5 + a finish

Hi everyone, 

I worked on my scrappy medallion quilt again this week. I got round 5 on. 
This round was very simple. It's made up of low volume 2.5 inch squares. One round of these squares all around the quilt.
I sewed these squares in pairs first. I needed 12 pairs for the first two sides and 13 pairs for the last two sides.  
If you didn't want the quilt any bigger than this, you could stop here. I have another border in my design. So I will keep going. 

I also finished another little table topper for my MIL. 
Here are the two toppers together. 

These are cute and were quick to make. I didn't have to buy anything to make them as the material all came from my stash. 

Hope you like my projects.
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Anne said...

I'm loving your medallion quilt. It is such a lively mix of colour and texture - can't wait to see what you do with the next round!

FlashinScissors said...

Wow, Ariane! I love your medallion quilt, it's just amazing! Looking forward to seeing the next round!
Great table toppers too!
Barbara x

Sue @ Quilting the Green Star said...

Wow I love the fiery colours of your quilt which just suit the Autumn maple leaves in the blocks. It has such impact and as the top gets bigger with each around it will be spectacular. Just visiting via Finish up Friday and thank you for your comment on my blog,

Nancy Bekedam said...

Your medallion quilt is a rainbow of quilty goodness!!! Cute tabletoppers, too!

Tilkkuilo said...

Such fresh and beautiful colors in your medallion quilt! An exciting layout!
Thank you for your nice comments in my blog. Since the text is in Finnish I'm afraid your comments were to Jennie Craigs's colorful quilt in UK :) Mine will be just totally red :) But thank you! :) So nice you have found your way to Finland in the quilting world.

Kaja said...

This is looking fabulous! Lovely strong colours; it's going to be really striking when it's done.

Andra Gayle said...

I love your scrappy medallion quilt. I need to do something like that with all my scraps!

Jennie in GA said...

Love your rainbow scrappy medallion. Those low volume squares on the current round were a perfect choice. Always love it when something good comes from stash!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A lovely colourful scrappy medallion! I love the way you've set it too!

The Cozy Quilter said...

What a fun scrappy project! Very colourful and fun to look at too!
Can't wait to see the next border.


Preeti Harris said...

Wow!!! That is such a gorgeous explosion of color. I need to go back and read previous posts for this quilt.

Cheryl said...

Your medallion quilt is awesome!