Monday, October 3, 2016

I have a finished flimsy!!!

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished my hexagon star quilt top!
I've been working on this quilt since February 2009.
It is all hand pieced.
This quilt is being made for my own bed.
It's big!! 92 x 115 inches
It's not perfect. But that's perfect for me. Ha!!!

It's super wrinkly in this photo.
That's okay though.
I need to make a backing for it.
Then, I will start hand quilting it.

I hope you like it!!


a good yarn said...

Of course it's perfect - if such a thing really exists for that which we make by hand. Ariane, it's a beautiful quilt and each day as you walk past your room, seeing on the bed, I'm sure that you will smile and the joy it brings you to know that you made that.

Sandra Walker said...

I am speechless.

It is incredible! To think that you are going to handquilt you are creating an heirloom for sure. Just beautiful work, and quite frankly I sure don't see any imperfections!

Robin said...

Absolutely wonderful! Quilting this is going to be so soothing and satisfying. Nice job!