Saturday, July 28, 2012

Think Christmas Blog Hop starts Monday!!

Hi everyone!

I've been busy renovating....and have not done a lot of sewing lately.

I'm working this weekend.
Last night I was sick with food poisoning.
I had to stay home from work for the first four hours of my shift this morning because I wasn't well enough.
I still worked the last eight hours of my shift, but it was a struggle.
I work 12 hours shifts.

I'm hanging in there though.

Tonight, I'm just relaxing and spending time with my girl.
Here's a pic we edited together using picmonkey.

Doesn't she look adorable?
I love this program.

I'm participating in the Think Christmas Blog Hop!!
It starts on Monday.
Lesley from The Cuddle Quilter is our Blog Hop Mom!!

You don't want to miss it!!

July 30

See you all there!!



MooseStash Quilting said...

I sure do hope you get to feeling better soon. Nothing worse than food poisoning!

Laura said...

Love the edited picture. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Carla said...

Ick. Food poisoning. Been there done that! Looking forward to the blog hop.

a good yarn said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. ann :-)

Dresden Quilter said...

She does look adorable!

Lesley said...

Oh what a week you had! Hope you are feeling much better. We are looking forward to seeing your Think Christmas creation tomorrow. Have a great day, greetings from your Blog Hop Mom, Santa Lesley.

Anonymous said...

I love your blocks-they are so different. What a lucky girl to get a vintage Singer for only $10. If it's a featherweight, you truly do have a treasure as they are very much in demand and rather expensive. The mechanical machines seem to run forever as long as they are cleaned and oiled. Thanks for sharing.