Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 more Bee blocks done!!

Okay, it's 3:00 am and I can't sleep.
Hmmmm....that's what happens when I work nights.

Well, I finished two blocks for Ann.
These are for the Scrap Busters' Bee.
In this Bee, we make all the blocks from scraps in our own stash.
Then, we send it out to the person.
This saves on postage and also allows us to use up some of those mountains of scraps.

Ann requested string blocks.
The first one I made, didn't turn out the way I wanted it.
So, I made a second.
(We were only supposed to make one)
Oh well, it used up more of my scraps. 
I will send her both.
And she can use them up any way she wants.

Here they are.

Block 1

Block 2

And together.....

That's it for now.
I probably should try to go back to bed.
First, I will flip the load of laundry though.



Jodi said...

You're the second blogger who posted they can't sleep. It's now 3:50 a.m. where I am in the States, and I can't either! Love your strings - very pretty!

DebbieM said...

OK, count me in for number three for can't sleeping. I don't know why, I put in a full day at work, I think I was still running at full steam. I managed to get to sleep around 3 am, now it is 6 and I'm off to work again. Ugh!! Beautiful blocks, Ariane. I should have gotten up and did something productive.

Barb said...

Sorry you can not sleep but love your string blocks....will you come and load my laundry while I sleep?

Michele Pacey said...

Cute blocks Ariane! Now get some sleep...

bookcat said...

LOVE them!
How do you get involved in Bees?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love the scrappy blocks. Scrap is the soul of quilts.

Talin's Corner said...

Your string blocks turned out beautifully. Don't you just love to make something pretty out of leftover scraps?