Friday, February 19, 2010

I am being featured on Park City Girl`s Blog!!!

I just wanted to let you know that

 I am being featured on Amy`s blog,
 Park City Girl.

I am so excited.
This is my first time being featured on another blog.
Thanks Amy for letting me share
 a little about myself through your blog
 and thanks to whoever nominated me.
I am so honored.

Just to celebrate, I will have a surprise giveaway.

 I will make something for the winner.
I haven`t decided what yet.
 But it will be nice.
All you have to do is go to Amy`s blog
and see the feature about me.
Then come back and tell me what you think about it.
I will chose a winner on Sunday evening.

Ariane :o)


Cheryl said...

OMG, what beautiful work! I'm just starting and am truely inspired by you. I'll follow your blog for your eye candy makes me feel good and inspires me.

Zlaty said...

Congratulations Ariane! You deserve it!

Happy sewing!

live a colorful life said...

Your quilts are beautiful. Love the little applique accents.

Dresden Quilter said...

Hi Ariane. I saw the feature this morning. Congratulations! It was neat to learn more about and see your fantastic projects.

Cara said...

I like that your self taught like me! Though unlike me you have the patience/smarts etc to do all the little things that make the quilt work lol.

Jane said...

Enjoyed reading your interview. I'm self taught also. Classes never seem to work out for me. Loved your log cabin quilt!

Kelly O. said...

what a great feature! I love that you emphasized that you are self taught because that is one of the reasons I love your blog so much. I'm so inspired by what you have learned in such a short time and I aspire to be able to do the same in the future :)

sewingthreads said...

Super article At Park City Girl~
it made me come over here to meet you,I TOTALLY LOVE the quilts you have posted there. JUST ADORABLE. I am just like you-self taught, from books, I have the Oldest books back from the early 70;s when I was a young girl, I learned to knit-crochet-embroider-sew-quilt-from books. Lucky that I Had great friends & family that knew to buy the best in books. I eventually took quilting classes.
This was great fun to `meet you'.
more fun a giveaway !!!

Cris A said...

What a great feature on Amys blog! I'm very new to quilting, my first class just started last week! It was hard for me to find a class that fit my schedule too so I'm soooo impressed that you are self taught! You do beautiful work! I'm adding you to my favorites now!

A said...

Hi, I love your feature on Amy's blog. I love that you are self taught, I am constantly amazed by the resources available online. (I love making bags and a little bit of hand piecing too!)

BlueEyesAngl said...

Great article !
I am new to all the blogging and just started sewing again.
I really like that you are self taught.I also learn from inspirations like your site and your quilts.Thanks for sharing them with all of us.

Shannon said...

I am just in the process of teaching myself so I was SO inspired by reading about you on Amy's blog! I have a TON to learn, but now I know it can be done because your work is gorgeous!

retdairyqueen said...

I know first hand just how beautiful your quilting is
I use my bag all the time

SewCalGal said...


It was fun to get introduced to you via Amy's blog. You are a very talented quilter, with a great eye for design and colors. I do hope you'll continue to enter your quilts in Amy's quilt show and also consider entering in various quilt shows around the country. It would be fun to see your quilts in a show where I could view in person. They are all wonderful!


henny said...

Hi Arianne,
I've visited Amy's blog and glad to know that there's always somebody s who learned sewing and quilting from those wonderful tutorials online! (just like me)
Thanks for sharing:)

Bonnita said...

I think you hit the nail on the head of all of the "self taught" sewers out here. You can tell how much sewing and quilting mean to you.

Debbie said...

I loved the quilt you made for your brother and his wife. The colors are stunning. Like you everything I learned has been self taught. There is a special joy you get from completing something you make with your very own hands.Congrats on being featured and good wishes for continued success.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I had already seen that you were the "star" on Amy's blog Ariane. I love that you taught yourself how to sew and it is such an outlet for your creativity!

a good yarn said...

Congratulations Arian - how marvellous! You're a celebtrity now. Ann :-)

Jennifer said...

Interesting we know all about you! You are very meticulous with your work, I noticed it in the blocks you sent to Australia last year - they were a pleasure to work with.

Trisha said...

How exciting for you!!! I enjoyed learning more about you. I too am self taught and I love being able to figure something out for myself. Love the quilt in the post!

Catherine said...

Congratulations Ariane. So cool to be featured on Amy's blog and your quilts are beautiful! Nice to get to know you a little better too!

Amy said...

I just saw this on Amy's blog. How fun! Congratulations! Now, I have to go back and read what you said! LOL.

Shawn said...

Congratulations Ariane your quilts are beautiful!!