Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

The kids went out for Halloween tonight. It was cold, windy and a bit wet. But my two youngest got lots of treats, while my oldest helped hand out candies. Above is a picture of my daughter in her Vampire costume. I made the little dress. It was more difficult then I expected. But I love the way it looked on her. The middle picture is a plaster mask that my second oldest made out of plaster at school. The third photo is of my second oldest. He is giving a fierce look in this picture. But when he gave his smily eyes, he looked more like a comedian. The wig and mustache made him look older. They all had fun even if the weather wasn't great. Wishing you all a safe Halloween.

Hugs Ariane


Caryn said...

The vampire costume is great and so is that mask! When you said comedian I immediately thought of Gabe Kaplan from the Welcome Back Kotter tv show years ago - but now I'm dating myself!

Valerie said...

We had a great Halloween here at home. I love that little dress. It is so cute.